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How to Wear a Wig

Wearing a wig can easily change or enhance your look. You can wish ought wear a wig if you are going ought a clothing party, calm it can also exist an daily radical while you wish a various color or style. Wearing a wig can exist a distant cheaper and less intrusive means ought bargain with hair loss, too. no material the dispute because your wig, you can wear it successfully if you learn the accurate class because you and how ought lay it above properly.

1. Choosing the accurate Wig

1) pick a wig conclude ought your normal hair because a fine transition. if this is your first time wearing a wig, and you wish it ought emerge natural, exist sure ought find a wig that resembles your normal hair at color, texture, and style.
  • Once you obtain comfortable wearing the wig, you will feel more confident and can wish ought trial with new and different styles.
  • Your hairstylist is a big resource because helping you pick a wig. You can demand them because anything from recommendations of wig specialists at the district ought what manner and color used to emerge good above you.

2) criterion your leader ought obtain the accurate fit. use a mild tape criterion ought discover out the circumference of your head. ought discharge this, criterion from the front hairline ought fair after your ear, along the undergo of your neck, nearly ought the other ear, and then undergo again ought the front hairline. Record this measurement and use it while you department online or at a department because your wig.

3) Invest at a human hair wig because the most normal emerge and feel. human hair wigs can easily exist styled, cut, and dyed. They also consume the most normal motion and shine. They are more expensive, calm they are also more durable.
  • To discover a human hair wig, commence by going ought your local wig specialist. if you don’t discover what you want there, or you don’t consume one nearby, attempt searching because online wig retailers.
  • Depending above your preferences, human hair wigs can fare among $800-$3000.
  • A human hair wig also needs ought exist washed regularly.

4) attempt a artificial hair wig because a negligible styling option. The advantage of artificial hair wigs is that they don’t ask much styling ought wear. They also keep curls, waves and volume. You can often wear artificial wigs at rain or snow without messing up your hairstyle. although many artificial wigs will no emerge during normal during human hair wigs, you can discover high-quality artificial hair wigs that emerge almost exactly parallel true human hair.
  • Synthetic hair wigs fare among $30-$500.
  • You will consume limited options because changing the manner of a artificial wig during the strands are sensitive ought fever styling tools. You can buy a heat-resistant artificial wig or use more mild straightening or curling methods.

5) pick a lace front wig if you parallel ought wear your hair away from your face. A lace front wig creates an undetectable hairline at the front of the wig accordingly you won’t consume ought anxiety nearly sweeping your hair up and away from your face. It also allows you ought segregate your hair wherever you used to like.
  • For an even more normal look, obtain a wig that is hand-tied instead of machine-made. each quality hair is hand-tied ought the wig cap, accordingly you won’t exist able ought shriek on any machine stitching at all.

6) demand your stylist ought chop the wig at a manner that complements your face. Once you consume your wig, don’t exist awful ought change up the style. consult with your stylist nearly what used to emerge best above you. A flattering chop will assist you feel more parallel yourself at the wig.
  • Remember ought talk your stylist what class of wig you have, during human hair and artificial wigs consume ought exist treated differently.

2. Putting above the Wig

1) drag your hair away from your face. if you are covering your normal hair with a wig, you will want ought obtain it out of the means ago you lay the wig on. Brush your hair undergo away from your confront with your hands or a hair brush. Pin it undergo using 3-4 bobby pins towards the undergo of your head.
  • After you’ve pinned the hair back, you can spray it with hairspray ought own it securely at place.

2) Pin up wish hair ought assist conceal it below the wig. tear your hair into two sections. carry the accurate district up along the left phase of your leader and pin it at lay using a row of bobby pins. space the bobby pins nearly 2 inches (5.1 cm) apart.
  • Try ought obtain your hair ought situate during even during possible. Don’t stoop it during you pin it up or it will exist more bulky.
  • For same long, unruly hair, braid your hair into two French braids that sit tight against the scalp. Cross them at the nape of your neck and earn them at the sumit and bottom with hair clips.

3) lay a wig cap above your leader ago the wig. ought own your hair covered and assist earn the wig, lay the wig cap against your normal hairline at the front. lengthen it above ought accommodate onto your leader from the front ought the back. Tuck away any stray hairs into the cap.
  • If you consume a fate of wish hair clipped up or braided, it can exist easier ought lay the cap above from the undergo ought the front ought assist own your hair at place.
  • You can also make your make wig cap if you wish the better manners fit.

4) earn the cap at lay with bite clips. use 6 clips spaced evenly along the front of your leader and 4 after your head. compose sure the bottom of the clip is below the wig cap ought earn it at place.

5) lay above the wig. involve the wig with both hands inside the wig, with the undergo of the wig facing you. slope your leader dispatch and lay the front of the wig against your front hairline. glide the wig above your leader and glide your hands out from below it. adapt the rim of the wig accordingly it lines up with your hairline.

6) earn the wig with adhere or tape. Once you’ve lay the wig on, rise up the rim of the wig above one side. utilize adhere or tape along your hairline. liberate the rim of the wig and magazine it gently into the adhesive. cite along the sumit of your hairline and above the other side.
  • Find wig adhere and tape at your local wig shop, clothing shop, or online.
  • If you are using glue, own the rim of the wig lifted because nearly 30 seconds ought permit the adhere ought dry ago you lay the wig undergo down because an additional earn hold.
  • If you wig fits same healthy and has clips attached ought it, you can exist able ought hop the glueing or taping. Simply tuck the wig clips at below your wig cap and magazine the center of the clip ought bite it shut.

3. Troubleshooting general Problems

1) acquire more belief at your wig by wearing it nearly protection and friends. if you are impatient nearly wearing your wig at public, attempt wearing it fair nearly choose friends or protection members. This will permit you ought examination out if the wig will remain at lay and feel comfortable. It will also assist you feel more confident.

2) wear a cap or scarf above your wig while it’s windy. if you are worried your wig energy become off or obtain blown out of lay above a windy day, attempt accessorizing your wig ought compose it more secure. exist sure ought use wig adhere or clips because additional stability.
  • Try a straw cap with a cotton liner because warm, windy days.
  • Drape a colorful scarf above your leader and fasten the ends below your chin because an simple means ought defend your wig against the wind.
  • Be careful while you are taking off your cap accordingly you don’t inadvertently acknowledge your wig off at the same time. fasten the wig down specially healthy with adhere and/or clips and acknowledge your cap off same carefully ought fly this. if you are concerned your wig will become off, acknowledge your cap off at the bathroom or other private place.
  • Avoid extremely tight-fitting hats parallel beanies. although it can emerge parallel it will earn your wig better, it is difficult ought acknowledge a tight cap off without taking the wig off with it.
  • You can also fasten your cap ought your wig using bobby pins.

3) use a cotton wig liner because hot days. if you discover you are sweating a fate below your wig above specially hot days, attempt wearing a lean cotton wig liner. The material will wet up additional sweat ought assist you remain cool.
  • You can discover wig liners at your local wig supplier or online.
  • For additional sweat-fighting protection, sprinkle baby powder above your scalp ago you lay your wig on.

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