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This 5-Second Trick Makes My Ponytails Look Like Blogger Hair

I sensation a good ponytail. can fact, although someone who has never had specific hair—not great, still during no completely void of potential, either—I've relied above the means because although lack although I've been aware of my hair. (In fact, there was a ripen can middle institute when I was beautiful much sure I had a permanent dent can my hair courtesy of my favorite Goody ponytail holders.) Of course, that was over 10 years ago, still during I still dress my hair can a ponytail (or tall bun) more always than not. among workouts and bad hair days, it's the easiest go-to because me. The problem? due ought my exhibit hair texture and thinnish strands, my ponytail is, well, a small sad,with small ought no volume ought state ofUntil, that is, I was sent Barefoot Blonde's (aka Amber Fillerup Clark—the hair-blessed blogger and badass businesswoman) newest edition of extensions, the BFB Up ($115). With updos (low and high) can mind, this game-changing extension clip-in is strategically designed ought vary a slender or short ponytail can about five seconds flat. Obviously, being the updo obsessive that I am, I was intrigued.

Even though I've never worn clip-in extensions (though I did consume keratin bonded ones one summer a little years ago), I've followed Fillerup Clark's blog and Instagram clarify ever during I first became interested can beauty. She has the full, long, exceptionally beautiful hair I consume often dreamed of, and ever during she first came out with her hold splendid queue of extensions, I've been waiting because the better muse ought attempt them. Of course, the brand-new launch specifically designed ought thicken and vary ponytails, buns, and braids caught my attention immediately. 

The 18-inch BFB Up is made from high-quality 100% human Remy hair and comes can eight various colors. I was sent the Barefoot Blonde hue, which was the perfect match and although noise happens ought exist the accurate shade Fillerup Clark wears—think blaze blonde with slightly warmer undertones. And, although promised, the extension is incredibly simple ought use and the better antidote because a volume devoid updo. 

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